Tribune Star: Union Hospital installs new pathogen-fighting ventilation

By Lisa Trigg, Tribune-Star

Ultraviolet light used to treat air before recirculation

A new air filtration system is being installed at Union Hospital to eliminate airborne pathogens such as COVID-19.

The Energy Harness Active-Airflow fixture demonstrated Monday at the hospital draws in air and filters it using ultraviolet light before returning clean air to the room. The fixture is installed into standard ceiling grids found in most office buildings, schools and medical facilities.

One filter can clean a 16-feet by 16-feet room in 17 minutes, Energy Harness managing director Patricio Daneri said during the demonstration. More than 48 units have already been installed in areas such as waiting rooms, testing areas and exam rooms at a cost of about $2,900 per unit, before rebates.

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