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UVC light inactivates viruses and other airborne pathogens, improving indoor safety

By Del Williams

Prior to the pandemic, Energy Harness responded to the demand for hydroponic “grow” lighting and designed LED lights with color spectrums (including UV) to mimic sunlight. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Fischer says his team quickly realized the potential effectiveness of UVC technology to deactivate viruses and used the technology to design a fixture to combat the airborne organisms. However, achieving this requires technology that can safely deliver the proper UVC dosage in a specific combination of three main factors.

“Ultimately, germicidal efficacy of ultraviolet light is based on dosage, distance, and wavelength,” explains Fischer. “Dosage is a function of UVC power multiplied by exposure time. Distance is the proximity of the pathogen to the UVC source. And wavelength is the nanometer range of the ultraviolet light.”

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