LEDs Magazine: Energy Harness develops ceiling mount UV-C LED system for air disinfection

By Maury Wright, LEDs Magazine

Central Indiana schools will get the Active-Airflow UV-C systems that draw air into an enclosed chamber where disinfection occurs before the air is recirculated.

Purdue University and LED lighting manufacturer Energy Harness Corp. have announced a ceiling-mounted ultraviolet (UV) system called Active-Airflow that is intended to deactivate pathogens including the novel coronavirus. Energy Harness has an active affiliation with Purdue and operates an office in the Purdue Research Park of Indianapolis that’s managed by the Purdue Research Foundation. Energy Harness intends to have systems available for two Central Indiana school districts before classes restart.

We continue to see many questionable germicidal UV or UV disinfection concepts touted, especially some that ignore the potential danger of the UV-C (100–280-nm) radiation to human skin and eyes. Moreover, a number of industry organizations have weighed in on the matter with a position paper. The Energy Harness approach seems to be inherently safe with the UV-C LEDs integrated inside the unit where air is treated while the design contains the dangerous radiation.

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