Energy Harness demonstrates COVID-19 Killing product

By: David Dorsey, USA Today / Fort Myers News-Press

With COVID-19 bringing the office working world to a standstill last March, and with nationwide lockdowns and masses of office workers retreating to working virtually from home, Energy Harness CEO/inventor/engineer Michael Fischer and senior vice president Peter Lehrer were approached with a problem. Energy Harness, established in 2010 off Pine Island Road before moving to the current location six years ago, specializes in commercial LED lighting fixtures. The City of Cape Coral, Lee Health and a litany of other entities such as various school districts and other health systems in Indiana and Illinois are among the company’s top clients.

For years, science has shown ultraviolet light kills pathogens. With COVID-19 proven to be a deadly pathogen, killing more than 550,000 Americans over the past year and a quarter, the light bulbs figuratively and later literally turned on for Lehrer. He drew up a diagram in late April. Fischer and Lehrer then collaborated to complete the concept.

The result: Energy Harness’s Active Airflow UV-C Fixture.

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