Fixture sanitizes the air to prevent the spread of disease

CAPE CORAL, Fla. (April 15, 2021) — For the last year, public health officials, business owners, community members and schools around the globe have been searching for safe and effective methods to fight COVID-19. Thanks to an innovation by Energy Harness Corporation, there’s now a proven product that makes the grade. The Active Airflow UV-C Fixture is one of the most promising devices on the market, and has been laboratory-proven to eliminate airborne pathogens like the coronavirus and influenza in occupied spaces.

Most viruses and bacteria are spread via airborne infectious particles created by breathing, talking, coughing or sneezing. Energy Harness’ Active Airflow UV-C Fixture works by circulating indoor air and applying a large dose of high-energy UV-C light as the air passes through the device. The UV-C light sanitizes contaminated air, then releases cleaned air back into the room. UV-C light cannot escape the fixture, making this one of the only products available to sanitize air in occupied spaces. One device can treat the air in a small to medium size room, and multiple fixtures can be employed to cover larger spaces.

“We’ve deployed more than 1,200 Active Airflow units to schools, hospitals, outpatient centers, libraries and offices,” said Michael Fischer, president and CEO of Energy Harness Corporation. “We’re proud to offer an effective solution that brings friends, family, and coworkers back together and keeps our nation productive and healthy.”

Ultraviolet (UV) light in the UV-C spectrum is effective at inactivating viruses, so much so that it is frequently used in hospitals to disinfect surfaces. Additionally, the CDC now recommends UV-C as the only effective technology for the elimination of airborne pathogens. As many officials urge schools to reopen, devices like the Active Airflow UV-C Fixture are integral to maintaining safety in classrooms and other school facilities.

“We were very impressed with the UV-C technology as it was presented to us, and recently installed them in our elementary classrooms,” said Darrell Thompson, OPMP, director of facilities at the Center Grove (Ind.) Community School Corporation. “We were so impressed that we expanded our scope to include the cafeterias and nurses’ stations. We believe this will have a huge positive impact on the health and well-being of our students and staff.”

Energy Harness’ Active Airflow UV-C technology is proven to be 99.9% effective in eliminating many dangerous pathogens such as tuberculosis, Legionnaires disease, influenza, and SARS, the virus that causes COVID. With epidemiologists predicting an increase in worldwide viral outbreaks, devices like the Active Airflow UV-C Fixture are essential in the fight against current and future pandemics.

The Energy Harness Active Airflow UV-C Fixture is safe, quiet, and is easily placed in a drop ceiling or wall mounted, making it convenient to install in public spaces of any size. The fixture is available for distribution across North America.

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